Tabassum R. Nisar

“ No one has yet fully realized the wealth of sympathy, kindness and generosity hidden in the soul of a child. The effort of true education should be to unlock that treasure”. (Emma Goldman)

Dear parents and students,

Welcome to Asas International School!

It gives us great pleasure and pride to be your preferred choice for what is perhaps the most important decision in the building of your strong and promising future.

Our students are engaged in extensive community service, that inculcates empathy. Consideration and tolerance for the class diversity in our surroundings. This not only brings them closer to the realities of life but allows them to ponder; share and combine resources to give back to our community in a positive and lasting manner.

“Foundation” as the word indicates, for students is not only to aim for higher studies and careers but also strengthen their morals and values.

I strongly believe, here at Asas we generate in our students Aspiration to excel, Scholastic aptitude to scale higher, Acceptability with optimism, Sincerity and Loyalty to serve with nobility, humbleness and gratefulness to Allah Almighty.

Persistence and perseverance, striving to bring about positive and productive change in and around by so training our students is additionally our forte.

We vow to cater for an environment that is friendly and mentoring where students feel absolutely confident and comfortable in voicing their opinions, sharing to learn and teach and letting past failures be by gones and move on to develop responsible, mature and sagacious minds.

Our endeavor is to work on varied thematic schemes & challenging objectives, it opens new doors to discover the hidden, embedded talents of our blooming youngsters. Our mission is to spotlight each individual so that a more responsible, polished and groomed being definitely comes into the making.

Another responsibility we cherish with a humanitarian zeal is to enable Dyslexic and Autistic students to settle into the main stream with ease and confidence. Our team of Clinical Psychologists and Speech Therapists is working with them one-to-one focusing to build on their strong areas of ability. In this regard too, Allah has been kind enough and has bestowed success in enabling us to channelize six students in the main stream classes within a year. Starting with one child we now have grown into a successful parallel unit of challenged students.  Alhamdullillah

We are proud to be one of those schools which are both flexible and amiably understanding with no compromise on discipline, ethics, values and grooming, for we believe good schools can make gentlemen out of boys and noblewomen out of girls.

“Education is not piling on learning, information, data facts, skills or abilities— thats training or instruction— but is rather making visible what is hidden as a seed.” Thomas Moore.

As the instructional leader of a school, it is my vocation to ensure that every teacher and every student is supported and encouraged to be the best. This includes being open to every opportunity to learn in a manner that is collaborative in spirit and intentional in nature. It my hope that parents are involved with their child’s learning alongside the classroom instructor and that respect exists in that dynamic.

Parents are the primary educators of their children and the school is the support staff. This fact serves to hold that gentle balance in place for the good of the child. We are believers in open, honest communication.

We are at a pivotal place in our history, either on the cutting edge of destruction or at the precipice of great promise. It is at this time we must all unite together to make sure that we create and provide a conducive environment for our children and train them to successfully be the implementers of the future.

Your trust on us is extremely valuable and motivates us to work with renewed zeal for the excellence of the young pillars of tomorrow and with your support Asas has become one of the top institutes in a short span.

May Allah bless us with wisdom and guide us on the path of righteousness and make us worthy of the responsibility bestowed on us, so that we can raise our heads upright here and in the hereafter, Amen.

Profound regards,


Tabassum R. Nisar