What is Inclusive Education

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Since 2002, Asas evolved as a private co‐education regular morning school and has been providing students with an International standard British Education from Playgroup to O’/A’ Levels through the University of Cambridge.


The objective of Asas is to provide quality education of an international standard. The harmonious co‐existence of the children of different backgrounds and cultures enables Asas to promote effective international understanding by providing them with opportunities to mutually share universally valid ideas, cultural norms, traditions, beliefs, customs and develop a sense of unity among them.

Providing children with opportunities to make learning a pleasure and enabling them to enjoy it both intellectually and emotionally is one of our aims. The modern educational concept of promoting learning to learn has been incorporated into our instructional techniques and methodology.

What is Inclusive Education System?

Inclusive Education is educating students with special educational needs.  Under this system the students with special needs are handled individually by the teachers and they spend half their time in the main stream classes. It means that all students attend and are welcomed at ASAS in age-appropriate, regular classes and are supported to learn, contribute and participate in all aspects of their life in school.

When all children, regardless of their differences are educated together everyone benefits.  It’s actually making the invisible —visible.

We believe education is for every one…


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