Up Coming Events

  1. Orientation Classes:

The Orientation Classes mark the beginning of the new academic calendar and to kick off the New Year with an energy that has to be maintained over the year, certain activities and events are organized to orient and welcome the students.

  1. Open Day Junior Section/Submission of Holidays Homework:

A day for Parents to visit the Campus and for Students to submit the assigned Summer Vacation Homework. Parents get to meet the Teachers and observe the campus environment themselves and discuss the academic performance of their ward.

  1. Campaigning for the Elections (Student Council):

Asas not only concentrates on the academic development of students but also their managerial skill development. A student body is elected every year to convey the student’s voice to the administration and organizing various events. For the election of capable individuals, the contestants are given time to reach out to individual students and showcase their intentions and will to do better.

  1. Voting Day:

On voting day, every student practices his right to vote for the selection of a student body comprising of competent individuals for the upcoming year that’ll take responsibility for student representation and organizing various events.

  1. Investiture Ceremony 2017-2018:

After the selection of the student body, a ceremony takes place for formally conferring the ranks on the elected individuals.

  1. Welcome Party:

Welcome Party – A Welcoming Ceremony is a tradition. Welcome Party presents the faculty, administration and old students with an opportunity to formally and jubilantly welcome the new students. A formal get together to celebrate the beginning the journey of learning.

  1. Annual Day/ Funfair:

Annual Day and Funfair- A highly anticipated and awaited social event for students and parents both to indulge in various activities and enjoying performances prepared by students. A full day of fun and excitement is taken as a break from the day-to-day class schedule to revive the energy among students.



  1. Bonfire/ Movie Night:

There is no better way to celebrate winter than sitting by the crackling fire and Asas presents its students with the wintery pleasure in the form of a Movie Night and Bonfire.

  1. Gamers Den:

Asas’s Flagship Event – Gamers Den is the time of the year for the students from different schools of The Twin Cities to get together and compete in a friendly environment on the field in various sports.

  1. Sports/ Selection of the Students for the Field Events:

Sports day is organized on the intra-school level to select the students to represent Asas on the inter-school level.

  1. Students Week/ Debates/ Talent Hunt:

A week dedicated to stress upon the significance of co-curricular activities apart from studies and polish the debating and dramatic skills of the students and for hunting other various talents. A series of events and activities are held to create a healthy competitive environment and test the students’ potential.

  1. Sports Day:

Asas plays its role in reinforcing the psyche behind the concept of “Healthy body ensures a sound mind” by encouraging students to take part in physical activities in the form of a variety of games and sports.

  1. Welcome Spring:

An event to celebrate the season of colors: Spring. A day filled with color and glee peculiar to the spring season.

  1. Water Fight:

Followed by Spring is Summer and the traditional way of celebrating Summer is Water Fight.

  1. Farewell Party:

An occasion to send off the outgoing batch of students with great memories. Farewell is an event to celebrate all the good years the students spent at Asas and bidding farewell with a heavy heart and best wishes for the new chapter in any capacity.



  1. Earth Day:

Earth Day is celebrated internationally to extend awareness about the possible environmental hazards this planet faces. Asas also organizes this event for the students to know their civic responsibilities to contribute to ecofriendly purposes by adopting environmental friendly habits.

  1. Summer Gala:

Summer Gala is a colorful event organized by Asas to cherish the summer vibes with the students and to reinstate the energy that has been maintained over the year until the very end.

  1. Final Result Day(F8-F10):

A huge day for the students: Result Day marks the end of the academic year with the announcement of Results of Students for their academic performance over the year. It’s the day when efforts of the students bear fruit and students, quite in literal terms, reap what they sowed.