Pre O’Level (VI to VIII)

School Profile

Since 2001, ASAS evolved as a private co-educational regular morning School and has been providing students with an international standard British education from Playgroup to GCE O/A’ Levels through the University Of Cambridge and University Of London. Asas O’Level Program takes 3 years (VIII, IX & X) & A’Level Program takes 2 years (XI & XII) during which the students are prepared according to the syllabi provided by the University Of Cambridge.


The chief objective of ASAS is to provide quality education of an intemational standard to children of various backgrounds. The harmonious co-existence of the children of different backgrounds and cultures enables ASAS to promote effective international understanding by providing them with opportunities to mutually share universally valid ideas, cultural norms, traditions, beliefs, customs etc. and develop a sense of unity among them. Providing children with opporlunities to make learning a pleasure and enabling them to enjoy it both intellectually and emotionally is one of our aims. The modem educational concept of promoting learning to learn has been incorporated into our instructional techniques and methodology.

Dyslexic / Autistism Education at ASAS

ASAS has now became the pre-eminent educator for Dyslexic / Autistic Students. We provide small classes, a structured schedule and individuahzed attention which also serves as important keys to the school’s success. Remedial Language skill are taught with multi-sensory, structural approach. The RL curriculum breaks down the sound, spelling rules and grammar. The program centers on structured instructions, memorization and recitation. A11 students work to master phonetics as well as roots and affixes. These skills are perfected as students learn word identification and spellings, while fluency and comprehension strategies are taught and practiced through regular oral reading and related activities.

Our Vision

Teachers of ASAS provide an atmosphere that both challenges and nurtures each student and offer a curriculum that fosters each child’s maximum development and potential using research based teaching techniques. Our education program honors “all kinds of minds”

Pre O’ Level

The Cambridge syllabus for English, Urdu, Maths, Pakstudies & Islamiat start at grade VI level.


ASAS offers a curiculum based on The guidelines of the Cambridge International Examination Lower Primary and Primary Syllabus. This is a structured curriculum which acknowledges the imporlance of English language (Speaking and listening, reading and writing), Numeracy (Mathematics), Science and also aims to provide a boardbased, child-centered approach to education. We also offer Urdu, Islamiat, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), History and Geography as core subjects. Within this framework, due regard is given to creative art, music, drama, physical, social and moral development. strong emphasis on thinking skil is Essential in education for a rnulticultural society which will, hopefully equip our children for their future lives. There is also a firm commitment to self-discipline for children.


The curricula consists of the following:

  • Literacy (English)
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Numeracy(Mathematics)
  • Science
  • Physical Education
  • Urdu
  • Islamiyat
  • Pakstudies (History / Geography)
  • Art and Design

Co-Curricular Activities

  • Sports (Table Tennis, Basket Ball, Foot Ball, Volley Ball, Dodge the Ball, Cricket, Badminton, Rugby)
  • Field trips
  • Global Vision Programs
  • Debates (Parliamentary Style)
  • Art Competition
  • Essay writing Competitions
  • Funfair
  • Group / Individual projects
  • Concerts
  • Spelling Bee Competition
  • Festivals, Exhibitions & Seminars
  • Volunteer Programs
  • Student bodies
  • Science Exhibition
  • Bonfires
  • Educational Fairs
  • Welcome and Farewell Ceremonies

Career Advice

A11 students study a full range of academic subjects and parlicipate in creative subject and sporting activities, thus developing all their skills And laying secure foundations for the future higher education. As everyone expects to go on to higher education, a great deal of assistance is given to facilitate this process. Those who wish to pursue their careers In prestigious universities in United Kingdom, Europe or America, are given comprehensive counseling by our experts hired for the purpose,
such as:

  • British Council Education Promotion Department
  • The Dawn Education Group
  • the American Education Foundation