O’ & A’ Level

School Profile

Since 2001, ASAS evolved as a private co-educational regular morning School and has been providing students with an international standard British education from Playgroup to GCE O/A’ Levels through the University Of Cambridge and University Of London.

Asas O’Level Program takes 3 years (VIII, IX & X) & A’Level Program takes 2 years (XI & XII) during which the students are prepared according to the syllabi provided by the University Of Cambridge.


The chief objective of ASAS is to provide quality education of an international standard to children of various backgrounds. The harmonious co-existence ofthe children of different backgrounds and cultures enables ASAS to promote effective international understanding by providing them with opportunities to mutually share universally valid ideas, cultural norns, traditions, beliefs, customs etc. and develop a sense of unity among them.

Providing children with opportunities to make leaming a pleasure and enabling them to enjoy it both intellectually and emotionally is one of our aims. The modern educational concept of promoting learning to learn has been incorporated into our instructional techniques and methodology.

Dyslexic / Autistism Aducation at ASAS

ASAS has now became the pre-eminent educator for Dyslexic / Autistic Students.

We provide small classes, a structured schedule and individualized attention which also seres as important keys to the school’s success.

Remedial Language skill are taught with multi-sensory structural approach” The RL curriculum breaks down the sound, spelling rules and grammar. The program centers on structured instructions, memorization and recitation. A1l students work to master phonetics as well as roots and affixes. These skills are perfected as students learn word identification and spellings, while fluency and comprehension strategies are taught and practiced through regular oral reading and related activities”

Our Vision

Teachers of ASAS provide an atmosphere that both challenges and nurtures each student and offer a curriculum that fosters each child’s maximum development and potential using research based teaching techniques. Our education program honors “all kinds of minds”

Ordinary Level (O’ Levels)

Asas O’ Level Program takes 3 year (XI, X & XID. Student are made to appear in LIrdu, Islamiat, Pak Studies in 2nd year of O’ Level (X grade in the May I June Session). Here we stress on individual concems and academic growth. Graded class work, assignments are given on regular basis. Monthly tests are conducted and the result is sent to the parents. This feed back identifies the areas for fuither development. Students are given regular guidance and extra attention through arranging additional classes during school hours to overcome any academic short comings.

Subject & Faculty (O’Levels)

Principql Tabassum R.Nisar

O’/A’ Level Coordinator, Rizwana Naveed

English Sadaf Amir
Urdu Shirin Sikandar / Shahzad Munir
Pak Studies Nader Jan
Islamiyat Nader Jan
Phvsics Naeem Akhter / Irfan Sami
Chemistry Riffat Abbasi / Nomita Ali Tarar
Biology Irum Yahya
Maths Abdul Hafeez Shakir
Economics Hina Tashfeen
Accounts Waheed Mubarik / Usman Ghani
B. Studies Waseem Khan
Computer Nosheen Abbasi / Bilal Iqbal

Advanced Level (A’Levels)

Asas prepares students for advanced subsidiary (AS) Which covers the first halh an A’ Level cource completed in one year. A’ Level program which takes two years (class XI & XII) and is based on the sylabas provided by the University of Cambridge. We offer a total of 14 subjects of which student must take a minimum of 3 subjects. General pape is offered as optional and is completed in one year.

Subject & Faculty (A’Levels)

Principql Tabassum R.Nisar

O’/A’ Level Coordinator, Rizwana Naveed

Physics Faisal Jabbar Abbasi
Chemistry Naeem Mushtaq
Biology Irum Yahya
Maths Dr. Arshad Zia / Abdul Hafeez Shakir
Economics Sadaqat Ali
Accounts Danish Mehmood
B.Studies Waseem Khan
Urdu Qudsia Sufi
Computing Sahir Masroor
Sociology NIda Salman
Law Nida Salman

Career Advice

Those who wish to pursue their careers in Prestigious Universities in Europe or the United States are given comprehensive counseling by our experts hired for the purpose.

Academic guidence and counseling by the Gritish Council Personnel is also arranged in the school premises. Each 100% of the graduating class enter in to colleges and universities to continue their education.

Many go abroad for their higher education, majority of whom go to the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

  • British Council Education Promotion Department
  • The Dawn Education Group
  • The American Education Foundation